‚ÄčOur Girls


All three of our girls live in the house with us as our pets, they are part of the family. Here are a few photos of each of them and a few words to introduce them.


Tia is a very friendly girl and as the head of our household is normally the first to meet and greet any visitors to our home. She loves playing fetch and has recently started to enjoy sitting on my shoulder.

She has had two litters of kittens and whilst she has had kittens she has been absolutely devoted to them.

Her kittens are very sociable and confident.

Serapis Dancing in the Dark


Aimeezoe Garbriella

Ella is very laid back and used to getting plenty of fuss and attention from her mum, younger sister and the humans she lives with. She has a friendly character and just loves being the centre of attention.

Ella did very well at the shows and got a first and BOB at each show as a kitten and also got a 1st and her CC certificate at her first and only show as an adult.

She has now had her first litter of 3 kittens and will hopefully go on to continue her show career later next year.


Beth is very much a 'take me or leave me cat'. She comes to me when she chooses and only when she chooses.

She prefers feline company to humans but so do I so you could say she has the most in common with me out of all my cats.

She attended the Supreme cat shows as a kitten and got a 1st and BOB. I am looking forward to showing her again as an adult and hope she will do well.

AimeeZoe Bethany


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